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Integrated Air & Missile Defense (IAMD)
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The PEO MS is applying an Integrated Air and Missile Defense (IAMD) System of Systems acquisition approach to meet the requirements of the soldier and obtain the desired capabilities of the Army Air Defense Artillery (ADA) Future Force. This IAMD System of Systems approach calls for a restructuring of systems into components of sensors, weapons, and mission command (MC) with a standard set of interfaces among those components using a standardized set of networks to communicate.

The Army IAMD (AIAMD) Program is structured to enable the development of an overarching system of systems capability with all participating ADA components functioning interdependently to provide total operational capabilities not achievable by the individual element systems. The AIAMD Program achieves this objective by establishing the AIAMD architecture and developing the following: the IAMD Battle Command System (IBCS) that provides the common mission command capability; the Integrated Fire Control (IFC) Network capability to provide fire control connectivity and enabling distributed operations; and the Common Plug and Fight (P&F) Interface Kits that will network-enable multiple sensor and weapon components.

The AIAMD Program provides for the net centric, plug and fight integration of Army ADA systems at the system component level. It enables their full technical, functional and procedural integration into Joint IAMD, to include allied, coalition and government agencies, and with the supported forces. The capability provided to the soldier by the AIAMD Program encompasses the full range of force operations and engagement operations functions needed to exploit the full combat potential of Air and Missile Defense capabilities on the battlefields of tomorrow.

The IBCS will be the Common Mission Command component for the Army ADA Force which will consist of the IBCS and a combination of sensors and weapons to include Improved Sentinel, PATRIOT radars, and PATRIOT launchers. The architecture will also incorporate the Air Defense Airspace Management (ADAM) Cell, ADA Brigade Headquarters and Army Air and Missile Defense Command (AAMDC) Headquarters, providing the AIAMD functionality into those elements. . Future Air Defense Artillery components, including the Terminal High Altitude Aread Defense (THAAD) and Indirect Fire Protection Capability (IFPC) will also be integrated into the AIAMD architecture. An IBCS prime contract was awarded in 2008 and will take the program to a Milestone C Decision in Fiscal Year 2016. The program will proceed into the Production and Deployment phase upon successful completion of Milestone C.


The mission of the PEO MS IAMD Project Office is to develop, acquire, field and sustain the Army’s Integrated Air and Missile Defense capability within an overarching Joint IAMD construct in a manner to support integration of current and future sensors and shooters providing an effective IAMD capability.

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