Integrated Fires Mission Command (IFMC)
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The Integrated Fires Mission Command (IFMC) Project Office provides common integrated fire control across all Army air and missile defense echelons, integrating with the joint architecture, to develop a mission command and fire control system that integrates sensors and weapons into a cohesive warfighting capability. IFMC develops and improves mission command components and software, and sustains fielded systems to address TRADOC warfighting operational gaps, (Single Integrated Air Picture (SIAP), Integrated Fire Control (IFC), Critical Asset Defense) and provides flexibility to respond to evolving threats (sensor, interceptor, electronic warfare). IFMC is structured to enable the development of an overarching system of systems capability with all participating air defense artillery components functioning interdependently to provide total operational capabilities not achievable by the individual element systems.

IFMC provides life cycle management for the following products:

  • • Integrated Battle Command System (IBCS)
  • • Legacy PATRIOT Ground Support Equipment (GSE)
  • • Air and Missile Defense Planning and Control System (AMDPCS)
  • • Forward Area Air Defense Command and Control (FAAD C2)
  • • Rocket, Artillery, Mortar (RAM) Warn
  • • Joint Tactical Ground Station (JTAGS)


The Integrated Fires Mission Command (IFMC) Project Office mission is to develop, test, acquire, field, and sustain integrated fires capabilities to support the warfighter through weapon and sensor integration and a common mission command system across all domains in order to provide a decisive battlefield advantage.

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